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Shrinks on Third

Dec 28, 2021

It's the last Tuesday of the month and in this episode we chat about maintaining some balance and lowering stress through mindfulness. It may be harder than ever to maintain a healthy life-work-stress balance during this pandemic but we're talking about how we can do the best we can and make some real progress in this...

Dec 21, 2021

The one in which we learn about the way in which money is used to influence our vote and political outcomes. 

Dec 14, 2021

The one in which we talk about the beginnings of the Supreme Court and the growing lack of faith in its ability to be objective or fair. 

Dec 7, 2021

The one in which we explore how to create real change. What will it take to actually change the world?

Nov 30, 2021

A Shrinks After Hours episode (last Tuesday of the month) in which we talk about the mass trauma effect of the pandemic and its consequences.