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Shrinks on Third

Jul 27, 2021

It's time for our monthly After Hours conversation! This month we talk about how to talk to conspiracy theorists or people with cult-like beliefs. 

Jul 21, 2021

The one in which we talk about why it's a better idea to find a different party theme than Antebellum or a different celebration venue than a plantation. There's a horrid past behind that beautiful landscape. 

Jul 13, 2021

The one in which we talk about the fate of unaccompanied youth who make the treacherous journey to our southern border. Most are fleeing unimaginable circumstances in their countries of origin and are seeking asylum here; most have families with whom they seek to reunite. They make a dangerous journey, often alone and...

Jul 6, 2021

The one in which we talk about the hypocrisy of celebrating July 4th as Independence Day when so many of us are not free. Whose freedom and independence do we celebrate?